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Artful Mistake Making

The Jungle Girl was delighted to recently be featured on Vitina Blumenthal’s Soul Compass podcast. This inspiring podcast focuses on how to become the CEO of your life (we love it!). Includes: practical tips on helping you find more mental clarity and focus, lowering your stress, finding genuine joy and highlights proven secrets to living your best life.

Vitina’s overview of this podcast episode: “Have you ever dreamed of running away to live in the jungle? Do you instantly get visions of living a life just like Tarzan, swinging from the trees and being one with your surroundings? Well, maybe it’s not exactly as romantic as that, but my guest today Tamara Jacobi, has certainly found her place in the jungle.

The story of how Tamara came to open the Tailwind Jungle Lodge in San Pancho, Mexico, with her parents as her business partners at only 22, is certainly not a story you’d hear often. As a fresh-faced college graduate, Tamara found herself at the fork in the road trying to decide between a corporate job on Wall Street, or pursuing this passion project with her parents. It wasn’t an easy choice to make, but ultimately, it came down to her asking a very important question, “What Would I Regret More?”, and the rest is history.

Now in their 13th season in the jungle, Tamara has no regrets. Although it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as you’ll discover from listening to Tamara on the podcast today, she is truly living a life that is aligned with her purpose.”

Listen to the podcast here.


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