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"A lot of people have dreamed about building this kind of business, and only a few of them have taken on the dream and made it work. Maybe you're a dreamer, and maybe you're a doer—and maybe, with the help of this volume, you can be both.”

– Bill McKibben, author Deep Economy & winner of the Right Livelihood Prize, nicknamed the “Alternative Nobel”


What's your wild business idea?


Wildpreneurs take infinite forms: podcasters/digital nomads, life coaches, tiny home builders, artists, brewers, adventure guides, ski designers, freelance writer/bloggers, yoga teachers, organic farmers, photographers, food trucks and beyond. We seek richness beyond dollars and cents: freedom and turning dreams into reality.


“It’s not just work. It’s passion, purpose and lifestyle.” 


Wildpreneurs will launch you from daydreams to action! Vignettes from the creation of the Tailwind Jungle Lodge will spark your inspiration as guided exercises offer a roadmap for your own journey. Insightful interviews with Wildpreneurs globally are woven throughout the book to entertain, motivate and empower. 

Published by HarperCollins Leadership


May the free-spirited inspiration flow!

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