When you visit the Tailwind Jungle Lodge, you can either join a group or come on your own. If you would like to join one of our wonderful retreats, please check out our upcoming retreats below. We host a variety of retreats here: yoga, pilates, wellness, adventure and more.

If you'd prefer to come on your own and enjoy more flexibility during your vacation, please check out our variety of accommodations, as well as our adventure tours and let us know what might suit you. We're happy to help you design your dream vacation!


Upcoming Events

  • La Vida Retreat
    Sun, Feb 12
    San Francisco
    While at La Vida all-inclusive retreat, you will get to connect with like-minded women, laugh your tushie off, eat amazing meals prepared by our private chef, enjoy yummy margs (or wine or beer or mango juice), enjoy a swim in the sea on the private beach, go sailing, whale watching and more! This a
  • The Wilding Experience
    Sun, Feb 19
    San Francisco
    The Wilding Experience was designed to take women who are feeling exhausted yet unfulfilled, disconnected from themselves, cut off from their energy source, stuck in the “shoulds” of convention, stalled in self-doubt, criticism and fear, programmed to autopilot, trapped in monotony, overwhelmed....

Interested in attending a retreat?