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  • How far is the lodge from San Pancho?
    We are located approximately 3 miles north of the charming town of San Pancho (official name San Francisco). We are at the end of a lovely jungle road that parallels the coastline. It takes about 10 minutes to drive into San Pancho, or an hour to walk.
  • Transportation?
    There are several transportation options. We strongly recommend that you rent a car either through or online through the Puerto Vallarta airport. Alternatively, you can use a local taxi service ( Of course, if you have your own car you’re welcome drive here! Special note for retreats: Either taxi service or rental cars work well for group transport. Refer to Retreat Leader info of FAQs.
  • Do we need to bring our own drinking water?
    Water out of the tap in Mexico is not drinkable. However, you do not need to bring your own drinking water. We will provide you with 5-gallon water jugs in your room. We do recommend that you bring a reusable water bottle with you to refill and take with you to the beach.
  • Does Tailwind provide food?
    All of the Tailwind Jungle Lodge accommodations include kitchenettes (except Palapa Gecko). Cooking up taco feasts in the jungle can be a lot of fun! There is a good little grocery store in San Pancho, wonderful weekly farmer’s market, fresh fruit/veggie stand and fresh fish market. If you would prefer not cook there is wide variety of restaurants in San Pancho, from tasty taco stands to fancy 4 star restaurants with exquisite cuisine. For groups of 6+ we have an excellent chef available to cook for you in the jungle. Please inquire about this option. Great for retreats and special events.
  • What activities are available at the Tailwind jungle lodge?
    We offer a variety of adventure tours including: sea kayaking, sailing, hiking, surfing and Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP). These are fantastic ways to explore this spectacular coastline, read more here. Advanced reservation required. Yoga classes and massage are available by request.
  • Are there bugs?
    People are always amazed to arrive in the jungle and find that there are very few bugs! From October – May the jungle is dry and pretty much bug free. This is why we love this place! Regardless, all of the beds have cascading bug nets for sleeping (optional). We close in the summer months, June - September when the bugs come out to play.
  • How far is the lodge from the beach?
    From the lodge it’s about a 20 minute walk along a lovely jungle trail to a secluded beach that will take your breath away (our favorite beach in the world!). White sand, lush jungle and a special kind of therapeutic mud (bentonite mud) that is great for the skin!! Sunbathe, swim, picnic and enjoy a natural spa treatment . . . bliss, yup! It’s definitely worth the short hike.
  • Is the jungle safe for kids?
    We’ve had many children of all ages visit the jungle and they’ve loved it! There are many steps and railings so children should be cautious and supervised. We love having families in the jungle!
  • Is there Wifi?
    It’s crazy, but yes, we do have limited wifi in the jungle! That said, we hope that you will take this opportunity to disconnect and enjoy a technology detox.
  • Which airport do I fly into?
    You’ll want to fly into the Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR), which is in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.
  • Are San Pancho and San Francisco the same place?
    San Pancho and San Francisco are the same town, San Pancho is the nickname for San Francisco.
  • Where is the Tailwind Jungle Lodge in relation to the airport?
    We are located approximately 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, just outside of the town of San Pancho—about a 1 hour drive north on Highway 200. We are just outside of Bahia de Banderas (Bay of Flags) in the state of Nayarit. Once your reservation is confirmed we will send you detailed directions. You can check out our interactive map here.
  • Where is the Tailwind lodge in relation to San Pancho?
    The lodge is located 3 miles north of San Pancho (official name San Francisco). The jungle road is a beautiful, winding, dirt road that parallels the coastline. This road takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes to drive or 1 hour to walk. If you’re feeling energetic it’s a lovely hike or run! A rental car is recommended for getting in and out of San Pancho. Taxi service is also available.
  • What is the best method of transportation?
    a) Rent a vehicle. We strongly recommend that you rent a car for your stay. This will give you much more freedom to explore, go into San Pancho for meals, visit beautiful beaches, surf breaks, etc. There are many rental car agencies online and at the Puerto Vallarta airport; U-save, National, Budget, etc. Our favorite local company is It’s best to reserve a car in advance. Simple rental cars are approx. $35 - $45/day. It is an easy drive on the only highway heading north along the coastline (HWY 20). b) Taxi Service. For groups and retreats, taking a van taxi to/from the airport to Tailwind is a good option an option. Taxis are approximately $170 USD roundtrip for a van of 8 people. For Taxi info, contact Pedro at the Diva Tours taxi service, Tell them that you’re headed to the Tailwind Jungle Lodge. They know where we are! The Taxi service is also available to transport guests to and from the jungle to San Pancho for meals, activities, etc. Taxi into town is approx. 200 pesos one way. Transportation should be arranged in advance. c) Public Bus. If you’re feeling adventurous, another way to get to Tailwind is to take the public bus north on Hwy 200, from Puerto Vallarta to San Pancho. (approx. 50 pesos/person). Once in San Pancho you will then need to take a taxi to the Tailwind Lodge (approx. 2oo pesos). Note that taking the bus is the longest option and requires some patience! If I rent a car, does it need to be 4wheel drive? In the dry season (October to May), 4x4 is not necessary. The road may be a bit bumpy, but a regular car is fine. From June – Oct. the road may be impassible without a 4wheel drive vehicle.
  • How many people maximum can the Tailwind Lodge accommodate?
    We can accommodate groups of up to 14 people in their own beds (up to 16 if you have couples sharing queen beds). The cost for 6 units, 1 yoga platform, and a dipping pool is $900/night or $990/night during the holidays. Group discounts are available. Individual units are available for rent (we have something for everyone...couples, families, grandparents, kids, etc). Please inquire about the best option for your needs. Visit the “Lodging” page of our website for more information on our variety of accommodations.
  • What is the difference between a casita and a palapa?
    Palapas: We have 4 palapas: Palapa Tigre, Palapa Gecko, Palapa Parota & Palapa Paris. The palapas are a lovely jungle experience with a Swiss Family Robinson type feel. Palapas are open air with ¾ walls, thatched roves, wooden railings and tile floors. More info about our palapas here. Casitas: We have 2 casitas (means “small house” in Spanish)- Casita Tejone & Casita Pumita. For those who prefer to be in a more enclosed space, the Casitas are an excellent choice. Both Casitas have bedrooms with wooden/glass doors that can be closed. More info about our casitas here.
  • Are Tailwind’s facilities suitable for young children?
    This is a jungle, and as with any wild place there are always risks for young children. Our units have high decks and our property is quite steep with many steps. However, there have been many children of all ages who have stayed with us and loved it! We love having families here. Please inquire about which of our accommodations are best suited for your family’s needs.
  • Does Tailwind have electricity?
    Yes, we have electricity here. All of our accommodations have electrical lights and standard outlets. You will be able to charge any personal electronics. We try to minimize electricity use as much as possible. It is a good idea to bring a headlamp or flashing for additional light when navigating the path to your palapa or casita at night.
  • Does Tailwind provide towels?
    Yes, we provide each of our guests with one beach and one bath towel for their stay. Guests only receive one set of towels and sheets per guests each week (to minimize water usage).
  • Cleaning Service?
    For small groups the maid will come through every few days (daily maid service is available by special request). For larger retreats and groups a maid comes every other day between 9 am – noon.
  • Is there a place to keep my valuables at Tailwind where they will be safe?
    Each of our units have either locking closets or chests for you to store your valuables during your stay.
  • Do the rooms all have ceiling fans or AC?
    Yes, ceiling fans in many rooms, floor fans in some. However, they’re not generally needed from December – April. Nights are cool (a cozy blanket feels good) and days are shaded in the jungle. Hot on the beach in the sun!
  • What to eat?
    The Tailwind Lodge does not provide food and does not have a restaurant on site. All of our units have their own kitchenettes. Making taco feasts can be fun! There is a farmer’s market (Tuesdays in San Pancho, Fridays in Sayulita), fish market, fruit stands and small grocery store in San Pancho. There are also many wonderful restaurants in San Pancho, from basic taco stands to 4-star cuisine. We’re happy to point you in the right direction. Chef services. We have excellent chef available for groups of 6+ people (great for retreats and special events), please inquire. Chef can design the menu for you, or welcomes any special requests (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, authentic Mexican cuisine, etc.) They’re eager to please! Please inquire for current pricing.
  • What is a kitchenette and what does it include?
    Each unit (casita or palapa), with the exception of Palapa Gecko, has its own kitchenette. The kitchenettes are basic kitchens, which include a fridge, stove, pots, pans, plates, glasses, cutlery, etc. The main kitchens are in Palapa Tigre and Casita Pumita. These kitchens are larger and have more appliances (blender for margaritas!) and ovens.
  • Restaurants in San Pancho?
    San Pancho has a lovely range of restaurants, from tasty taco stands to fine dining. We highly recommend eating out in San Pancho at least once during your stay! Enjoy a sunset cocktail on the beach and then decide what kind of food you fancy! Definitely ask us about our favorite San Pancho restaurants.
  • What is there to do at the Tailwind Jungle Lodge?
    A joke around the Tailwind headquarters is that “there is so much not to do!”. Whether you’re looking to lounge in the hammock or hit the waves, there’s something for everyone! To do in the jungle: Take a dip in the pool and sunbathe Hike (range from 20 min. to 2 hours) Visit the orchid plantation (30 minute hike from the lodge) Yoga class* (feel free to stretch and do your own yoga on the platform anytime!) Massage* Bird watching tour* Watch the wildlife, there’s a lot to look at! Hike to San Pancho (3 miles into town) More info on our OCEAN & JUNGLE activities pages * Reservation required.
  • What else is there to do in the San Pancho area?
    Whale watching, sea turtle non-profit, deep sea fishing, surfing lessons, snorkeling around the Marietta Islands, zip-lining, mountain biking, and more! Cultural excursions: San Pancho & Sayulita Farmer’s market, tour around EntreAmigos (local community center/non-profit for kids), explore the petroglyphs by Alta Vista, watch sea turtles being released by the San Pancho Tortuga protection organization. Dinning in San Pancho: San Pancho has a lovely range of restaurants, from breakfast to dinner, taco stand to 4 star restaurants. Enjoy a sunset cocktail on the beach and then decide what kind of food you fancy! Ask the Tailwind staff for recommendations!
  • Popular Towns near San Pancho?
    Sayulita (nightlife, surf break, trendy/hippy style town), Puerto Vallarta (restaurants, boardwalk, shopping), Yelapa (town accessed only by boat), San Blas (crocodiles, bird watching, culture), Lo De Marcos (mellow beach community) and Punta de Mita (surfing and island tours).
  • What is EntreAmigos?
    We highly recommend checking out our community center! EntreAmigos is a local non-profit that serves as a children’s educational center and community center. The building alone is creative and unique! Definitely worth a visit. The gift shop sells local arts and crafts. EntreAmigos offers classes that include Spanish, English, nutrition, arts and more. EntreAmigos also manages all the recycling for the community of San Pancho. You can read more on our sustainability page here. EntreAmigos has made a tremendous difference in the community of San Pancho. Past guests and retreats at the Tailwind Jungle Lodge have generously contributed donations of school supplies, clothing, etc. Please let us know if you might be interested in donating or volunteering at EntreAmigos during your stay.
  • What are the seasons like in the Mexican Pacific jungle?
    The rainy season (hot, humid, wet) is from June to early October. This part of Mexico sees very little rain from Nov. through April. Though the occasional rain storm may come through, the sun generally shines on the jungle all through the wintertime. During this time, daytime temperatures are around 80 -90 ºF. Evening temperatures can be 65 º- 70 º F. A sweater and pants in the evenings feels good, especially after a day of sun.
  • How are the mosquitoes?
    We're lucky because this is a wonderfully tame jungle with very few bugs, particularly in the dry season (the dry season is from November to June when the Jungle Lodge is open for guests). Occasionally around sunset you may see a couple of bugs, but not many. People who are sensitive will want to have bug spray handy just in case. Also, when hiking along jungle trails bug spray is a good idea. That said, bugs are not much of a factor at the Tailwind Jungle Lodge. However, for your comfort, we have cascading bug nets to surround all beds so that sleeping is carefree.
  • What about the wildlife?
    The jungle is home to many species of wildlife: birds, iguanas, geckos, tejones (kind of like monkey/raccoons), squirrels, frogs, armadillos, and insects. These animals are friendly, but are very curious about your food. Proper food storage is essential! Food needs to be locked away in designated areas. Guests should also be aware that scorpions are around, but they are very rare and there is no need to fear. The scorpions in this area are not deadly.
  • What do I pack?
    Recommended Packing List (beyond the usual tropical vacation gear) Biodegradable soap (Dr. Bronner’s type recommended) shampoo, conditioner, dody wash . . . anything that goes down the drain waters the plants so make it biodegradable!!! Insect repellent (insects are not a problem unless you go hiking through narrow jungle trails, always good to have repellent just in case) Flashlight/headlamp (our trails are minimally lit at night) Sturdy walking shoes for walking and hiking around the area Sunscreen, the sun is strong here and sunscreen is very expensive in San Pancho Warm clothing for cool nights (pants and sweater in Dec./Jan/Feb) Ear plugs (if the birds are too loud for you!) Binoculars (if you’re into that kind of thing) Tevas or chaco sandals A rash guard (if you have one and want to surf) Don’t forget your camera! Bonus: Be a sustainable traveler! Bring your own reusable mug, containers and bags. Trade disposable for reusable whenever possible. Avoid single use cups, bottles, utensils and plates. Bring your own straw. Metal and glass straws are a great substitute for plastic. When eating out in town remember to ask for "no popote" (popote = straw). See more on our sustainability page.
  • Is Wifi & Cellular Service available?
    It’s crazy, but yes, we do have wifi in the jungle! That said, we hope that you will take this opportunity to disconnect and enjoy a technology detox! If you do need to get online during your stay you’re welcome to sit outside the office so you can pick up the wifi signal. You can connect to the signal that says “Jungle Office”, please ask for the password. Wifi here works only for checking e-mail and browsing simple websites. We have limited downloads (no streaming music, movies or video skype please). Internet signal fluctuates throughout the day, it’s a satellite internet system that can be affected by weather. There are also many wifi spots and and internet cafes in San Pancho. Cell phone service in the jungle is minimal, but is available if you stand in a certain spot (sprint/telcel work much better than verizon). The pool deck is a good place to look for cell signal.
  • Is there an ATM in San Pancho?
    Most businesses in town only accept cash (pesos). There is an ATM machine in San Pancho, but do not rely solely on this service. We highly recommend that you exchange US dollars for pesos at an airport; either before, or when you arrive in Puerto Vallarta. Some businesses in San Pancho will accept U.S. dollars, but you can’t always assume they will. Please note that all Tailwind service rates are in American dollars (kayaking, surfing, sailing tours). If you are unable to pay in American dollars we will help you with the exchange rate to pesos.
  • What time zone?
    San Pancho (in the state of Nayarit) is in the same time zone as Puerto Vallarta (state of Jalisco). Please note that a few years ago, San Pancho switched to mountain time zone. Your devices that connect to the cell phone network will definitely be confused! Please set your clock to mountain time time and turn off automatic updates. If you are scheduled for kayaking or SUP we appreciate your promptness.
  • Safety and emergency medical situations?
    San Pancho has a very clean and efficient hospital right in town. Hospital is open for emergencies 24/7. Ambulance service is also available. San Pancho is a very safe community, however we always recommend being a smart traveler—don’t carry valuables with you, don’t walk alone at night, etc.
  • How do I reserve my stay?
    Please e-mail for information on how to reserve your stay in the jungle. Advanced reservation is required. Large groups in particular should reserve many months in advance in order to ensure availability of all units. Tailwind is a small lodge and we fill up quickly, particularly in the high season. For individual reservations we require a 50% payment for reservation with the remainder due 1 month prior to your stay. Please inquire about retreat reservations and policies.
  • How do I get started with planning my retreat?
    Pick your dates and contact us for availability! Note that we are a very small lodge that fills quickly. We highly recommend reserving many months in advance. Once your reservation is official we are here to support you throughout the process. You will have complete freedom to design your retreat as you wish. You chose which activities, chef/meal plan and transportation options suit you the best and we’ll help you make arrangements.
  • What is the nightly rate for the entire property for retreats and groups?
    The cost for 6 units, 1 yoga platform, and a dipping pool is $900/night. Please inquire about group discounts. Retreats do not have to rent the entire property. Retreats are only required to rent the Palapa Tigre/Gecko, Casita Pumita and the Palapa Parota.
  • Will you help me promote my retreat? Will you be able to add our retreat to your website as soon as we have all the details finalized?
    It will be up to you to fill the spaces for your retreat. However, we’re happy to help by posting and promote your retreat on the Tailwind Jungle Lodge website, newsletter and Facebook page. We completely understand if you want to keep your retreat private, but if you’d like for us to help you spread the word let us know. Once your reservation is official, simply send us description of your retreat and a photo, or a poster if you’re feeling creative. You can see examples here.
  • How many people maximum can the Tailwind Lodge accommodate?
    We can accommodate groups of up to 14 people in their own beds (up to 16 if you have couples sharing queen beds). The cost for 6 units, 1 yoga platform, and a dipping pool is $900/night. Please inquire about group discounts. Retreats do not have to rent the entire property. Retreats are only required to rent the Palapa Tigre/Gecko, Casita Pumita and the Palapa Parota. Please visit the “Lodging” page of our website for interactive property map.
  • What is the breakdown/layout of your rooms? Do they all have bathrooms?
    We recommend offering a standard option and an upgraded option for your retreat: Standard Options: Palapa Paris: 2 twins or 1 king (private bathroom with composting toilet) Palapa Parota: 2 twins or 1 king (private bathroom with composting toilet) Casita Tejone upstairs: 2 twins or 1 king (shared bathroom with composting toilet) Casita Tejone downstairs: 2 twins or 1 king (shared bathroom with composting toilet) Upgraded Options: Casita Pumita upstairs: 2 twins or 1 king (private bathroom with flush toilet) Casita Pumita downstairs: 1 queen and 1 twin (private bathroom with flush toilet) Palapa Tigre: 1 queen (private bathroom with flush toilet) and 1 couch bed (not generally recommended for groups as it is a very central social space). Palapa Gecko: 1 queen (private bathroom with flush toilet)
  • How do I create a per/person pricing for my retreat?
    Retreat leaders rent the lodge and then set their own rates. We have a simple spreadsheet and pdf guide that will help you calculate per/person pricing (standard and upgraded option). Please inquire about this resource.
  • What is the timing on reservation payments?
    For retreat reservations, we require a 25% deposit to reserve, 25% due 3 months prior and a final deposit of 50% due 1 month prior.
  • If we have a large group, are their nearby accommodations for rent?
    Yes, please inquire about our neighbor’s places: Villas Susana and Casa Papaya. Both are lovely options for extra guests.
  • What kind of outlets do you have?
    We have standard outlets, there is no need for outlet conversions to use electrical devices.
  • Tipping- what at the guidelines here?
    Our staff greatly appreciate any tips. For the maids, we recommend leaving 100 - 200 pesos person for their stay. For chefs, they say, tip according to how much you like the food! We recommend 400 pesos/person for their stay.
  • How much does a taxi cost to get to San Pancho? Sayulita?
    Taxi rates vary seasonally but in general, taxi into San Pancho is about 300 pesos one way (same price for up to 4 people). Taxi to Sayulita is 400 - 500 pesos one way. The best way to communicate with taxis here is via whatsapp (if possible, please download this app on your smart phone in advance).
  • What do you suggest for meals?
    You’re welcome to bring your own chef, or we have a fantastic chef here who’s available to cook for your group. You can let the chef design the menu or you can make special requests (gluten free, dairy free, vegan, etc.). Note that the central kitchen for Chef Alex & Flor is in the Palapa Tigre. For retreats we generally recommend brunch and dinner (the chef is very flexible if you’d like to do some of your own cooking as well). The chef charges $20/brunch and $20/dinner. Or, if you’d prefer 3 meals it would be $55/person each day. If you would like, pre-stocked fridges are an option for breakfast goodies (coffee, tea, milk, granola and fruit). The fee for that service is $5/person/day. Please note that this option is not arranged through the chef, please request this directly with the manager. For adventure days (kayaking, sailing, etc.) the chef is happy to make to-go brunches or lunches. All of our accommodations have their own kitchenettes so guests are welcome to bring their own snacks and goodies as well.
  • Is the chef’s food vegan or vegetarian?
    Meals can be vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free…whatever you’d like! The chef is very flexible, you just need to communicate clearly with him. You can either have him design the menu or you can make special requests. Our chef’s food is fantastic—you’re in for a treat.
  • What do the kitchenettes in each room include?
    Kitchenettes have simple stoves, coffee makers/filters, mugs, plats, bowls and utensils. Please note that we do not stock salt, pepper, cooking oil or condiments, if you’d like those you’ll need to bring your own.
  • How much does the kayak tour cost per person? Sailing? Surfing?
    We would love to get your retreat group out on the water! Please see our adventure page for details and group pricing on these activities.
  • Does the yoga studio have a sound system or way to play music?
    We do not have a sound system at the yoga palapa (we love the natural jungle soundtrack!). If you’d like, you’re welcome to bring your own speaker - would need to battery powered. The yoga palapa has no electricity (it’s a very natural space).
  • Do you have yoga props?
    Yes, we have 15 - 20 yoga mats here, 15 - 20 blocks, 15 - 20 straps and 15 - 20 Mexican blankets (can be used as bolsters).

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