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In March 2009, the Tailwind Jungle Lodge became the first certified sustainable eco-lodge in Mexico. This certification through Sustainable Travel International had been a goal for the lodge since its inception and represents the Jacobi family's commitment to natural living and sustainability. At the Tailwind Jungle Lodge, we embrace a holistic approach to sustainability that includes three overarching elements:

The health of the natural world

The health of the San Pancho community: culturally and economically

The health of the Tailwind Jungle Lodge and our ability to make low-impact living!
Realistic, comfortable and cost effective.​​

We are proud to be a part of the thriving and international community of San Pancho. Our hope is to support and set an example for local businesses as we protect and connect travelers with this natural paradise. We are committed to cultivating a presence that is eco-conscious, community-oriented and culturally mindful.

Call to action:
Things YOU can do while traveling

Bring your own reusable mug, containers and bags. Trade disposable for reusable whenever possible. Avoid single use cups, bottles, utensils and plates! Check out

Bring your own straw. Metal and glass straws are a great substitute for plastic. When eating out in town remember to ask for "no popote" (popote = straw).


Buy local & eat local. Support the San Pancho community (link to community section below).


Choose locally made souvenirs (skip the tacky, generic stuff). Check out our local farmer's market (Tuesday in the plaza) and discover local Huichol (indigenous tribe) art and jewelry.


Choose low impact, non-motorized activities such as hiking, kayaking & sailing.

Minimize use of water and electricity. Take quick showers and turn off lights when not in use.


Bring donations for our community center. See current needs here.


Throughout our development, the Tailwind jungle lodge has created a strong relationship with the local San Pancho community. Over the years the Jacobi Family has hosted special community events in the jungle as well as donated time and money to support sustainable development in this area. We are very proud to be a part of the San Pancho community.

Check out these amazing organizations in San Pancho:


EntreAmigos Community Center, Gallery & Gift Shop

Grupo Ecologico: San Pancho Turtle Conservation

Hojanay Jaguar Conservation


San Pancho Birding Club

San Pancho Yoga

El Estar Yoga Studio

Organic Garden, Ranchito Del Mar

Tuesday Mercado Del Pueblo (Farmer's market)

Circo de Los Ninos

Ranchito del Mar (organic garden)

Shops, Boutiques and Galleries:

Mexicolate (local chocolate maker)

Pancho Vida (locally printed t-shirts)

Cori Jacobs Gallery

Huichol vendors (indigenous art)

Moana Boutique

Nativa Surf Shop

Angelical Massage & Spa

Local Restaurants and Grocers:

Gallos (Authentic Mexican Cuisine)

Hotel Cielo Rojo Organic Bistro (and local tequila)

Maria's Cafe

Mar Plata

Los Arbolitos Tacos

Mexotik Restaurant (Mexican/Asian Fusion)

La Ola Rica

La Chalupa

El Indio Grocery store

Martin's Fish Market

Support our Community:
Current Projects in Need

A must see in San Pancho is our community center, Entreamigos (translation: between friends).

Founded in 2007, by Nicole Swedlow, the center has become an example of what can come of culturing positive relationships between the visitors, expats and the local community.

Entreamigos encourages visitors to the center and also welcomes groups or individuals who wish to get involved in volunteer projects.

The Tailwind jungle lodge is proud to support our local scholarship program & recycling program.

Guests of the Tailwind Jungle Lodge can contribute by making a donation at Entreamigos by clicking here

Recycling Program

We are lucky to have a recycling program in San Pancho! In fact, the community center does its best to reuse before recycling. RECICLA SAN PANCHO has been focusing on finding innovative local uses for the recycled products and has spawned a series of small business enterprises for local residents. Beautiful glasses are being made from recycled wine bottles, as well as candles, goblets and other products. Women make belts and bracelets from soda can tabs, purses, picture frames and collage art from magazines, jewelry boxes from newspaper and orange peels and many other amazing products from items that were previously disregarded as trash. These items can be purchased in the EA Gallery. The proceeds from your purchase supports the Recycling program and educational programs at Entreamigos.

However, despite their best efforts, it costs over $20,000 USD annually for EA to keep the recycling program going. They need all the help they can get.

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