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Palapa Tigre & Palapa Gecko

Casita Pumita

Casita Tejone

Palapa Paris

Palapa Parota

Love Notes

Sudha Kalas
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Thank you! The tropical paradise you’ve created is fantastic and I thank you for inviting me into your jungle home. The sun and the sand, the palms and the sea all feel like old friends, guiding me back to the home of the HEART!


Kayaking was terrific and I hope to join you for surfing & SUP sometime in the near future. These great wave have given me strength and courage, and I’m excited for more!


Thank you Tamara for all the good work you do and for inviting me to the market. Thank you Tigre & Judy for the cocktails, sunsets and fun conversation. I’m inspired! Love, Sudha

Ridgeway, CO

I came to photograph this assignment. A working gig. And a perfect time to escape my real life situation. I’m leaving with 20 new kindred spirits (friends!), a peace of mind, clarity and calmness. I thought I was running but learned that I don’t need to - I’m happy just being! Truly happy with myself.


Thank you to Judi, Tiger and Tamara for a fantastic time. SUP, kayaking & surfing rocked, and to Meta for giving me my life back. Peace & gratitude, Kaycee, Ridgeway


Can source plenty of testimonials from the TripAdvisor page. 

Palapa Tigre & Gecko
Casita Pumita
Casita Tejone
Bungalow Chiche
Palapa Parota
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