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Tarzan & Jane

We are so grateful to all of the adventurous guests who have stayed with us over the last 13 years! Though the lodge is currently closed due to COVID-19, there is still much inspiration flowing through the swaying palms. As we stay at home in the jungle we've been thinking of the many free-spirits who have passed through here. We recently stumbled upon this little note in a guest book from April 2014:

"From across the Pacific. From across the Atlantic. Boy and girl meet halfway, at last at Tailwind. Hiding out in Bungalow Chiche to play Tarzan and Jane.
No swinging from trees, instead, good food, soothing tequila, rustling palms, birds playing a chorus, giant woodpeckers...
Many swims, long walks, yoga and kayaking.
Lost track of minutes, hours, days, the whole week in fact.
That's why we came here and are regretfully leaving with a smile from ear to ear.
May the sun keep shining on your family and Tailwind!

This note filled our hearts!! We miss our guests here and are sending healing jungle energy your way.


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