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Inspired student

I recently received the email below and it made my heart sing! Amazing how Wildpreneurs found this student and has sparked her inspiration...gotta love those hut bins. This thoughtful note has prompted much reflection on my journey of creating a jungle lodge in San Pancho, Mexico.

My name is Ella and I am an aspiring business student with a great passion for the outdoors. As a current student at the University of Victoria, Canada, I have struggled in the business program finding footing towards a career path that gives me excitement. I was feeling quite lost until I found your book.

Your book 'Wildpreneurs' was placed in my path last summer in a backcountry hut in Colorado. My family was completing a seven day bike-packing trip from Telluride, Colorado to Moab, Utah through the San Juan Hut System. In the third hut as I searched through the "hut bin", I found your book amongst travelers notes and worn decks of cards. 

As I read your business guide and life story I felt as if this book was placed there just for me. The way you see business and entrepreneurial thinking excites me. As I suffered, and thrived, through long days in the bike saddle, I thought constantly of your Baja expedition and the lessons from your experience. My mind has not stopped thinking about ways I can combine my love for everything the world has to offer with a business venture since my experience with your book. 

I am writing to thank you, and share what your book has done for me. I am looking for a job this summer and would greatly appreciate it if you would consider my application. I have attached my resume and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to connecting with you.




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