Advanced Praise for Wildpreneurs Book

It’s tough for a new author to get a foot in the door. Over the last few months I’ve been spreading the word by putting a draft of Wildpreneurs (the advanced reader copy—ARC) into a variety of hands. I’m SO grateful for the thoughtful responses and reviews I’ve gotten so far!

Last week I received this e-mail from a grad student at Southern Oregon University. As I read, I was over-whelmed—my heart filled with the essence of why I wrote this book!

“Your book was magic!! You provided stories, insights and question prompts to set my inner compass. I especially loved your short interviews with other self employed folks. BUT! Most of all, I could finally relate to an author who has a robust outdoor background, like I do, who combines wellness, self-employment & soul work.

It was divine timing to read your book when I did. I’m a couple months away from launching my virtual group coaching business where I help people unearth holistic wellness through nature. Focused on habit change and evolving ones identity from Ayurvedic principles. Woot woot!

Thank you for sharing your passion, grit, guidance and energy! I’m pinching myself as I write to you! Happy to spread the word about Wildpreneurs!”

Natalie Jackson, Grad student at Southern Oregon University

Gracias Natalie and good luck on your Wildpreneur journey!!


More Reviews:

Wildpreneurs is a family adventure story, a start-up guide, a real-world class in the challenges of turning passion into profit, and a call to action for dreamers -- all rolled into one. Practical and inspiring." – Francis Barry, Bloomberg Opinion


In this highly readable and practical book, Tamara Jacobi recounts her grand adventure and guides readers towards discovering and living their own natural purpose. This book is destined be become a classic of the genre. — Raj Sisodia, co-founder, Conscious Capitalism movement


“A lot of people have dreamed about building this kind of business, and only a few of them have taken on the dream and made it work. Maybe you're a dreamer, and maybe you're a doer—and maybe, with the help of this volume, you can be both.” – Bill McKibben, author Deep Economy & winner of the Right Livelihood Prize, nicknamed the “Alternative Nobel”


Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, or a seasoned life-hacker looking to add a few new tricks to your trade, Wildpreneurs offers a practical, step-by-step road map full of valuable case studies and advice to help you unleash your best self. I've had the privilege to interview, learn from, and work with hundreds of free-spirited successful entrepreneurs, and many of the lessons learned I've seen time and time again are reflected in this book. I highly recommend Wildpreneurs for anyone looking to buck the status quo, live on their own terms, and create a passion-driven business you can be proud of. – Jeremy Jensen, Creator of the Adventurepreneur Playbook Podcast and cofounder of Outwild


“This is the kind of book business schools should use. In Wildpreneurs, you get all the grit; the real story and playbook, what you need, to build your "wild" idea into a sustainable, thriving, hero business...on your own terms. We need more wild businesses like Tailwind Jungle Lodge!” – Sharon Rowe, CEO /Founder Eco-Bags Products & Author: The Magic of Tiny Business


Tamara Jacobi approaches the age-old challenge of connecting one’s life and one’s livelihood with a joyful enthusiasm and an infectious sense of possibility. Equal parts how-to book, autobiography and catalog of testimonies from dozens of comrades and role models, Wildpreneurs urges readers to embrace the adventure of living—and of making a living, too—with passion and creativity. – Don Mitchell, The Nature Notebooks


"Living and working with heart, and focused intention, is a great prescription for a contented existence in my book, metaphorically. And it appears to be, literally, in Tamara’s Wildpreneurs book. Designed to be picked up and set down sporadically, or for the long read with lots of breaks, this volume may not have all the answers for each reader, but there will be something for everyone in this broad view. For me, I just loved the interviews of those who have gone before, and tell it like it is…" Jan Reynolds, The Glass Summit


"This book speaks to a whole generation of unconventional thinkers - these are the people that are creating the world of our future. I feel personally connected to Tamara because she is able to accurately share what it feels like to go through the emotional ups and downs of entrepreneurship. I love all the reflection questions peppered throughout the book - it helps you immediately use what you are learning. My favorite chapter is the one on biomimicry - I love the unique entrepreneurship lessons taken from nature" – Derek Loudermilk, The Art of Adventure Podcast


‘Wildpreneurs is part memoir, part blueprint for any individual looking to turn their personal dreams and passions into a viable business and craft the life they want.  Jacobi’s personal story of a free-spirit growing up in an adventuresome family is the inspiration that allows us to hear first-hand the wisdom and experience she gleaned creating the Tailwind Jungle Lodge in the Mexican jungle.  This is a book for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit or looking for the courage to leap. – Lee Woodruff, author of In An Instant (New York Times bestseller)


“At its heart, Wildpreneurs is a mentor for those who seek to create a path where one doesn't exist. Rife with honest experience from both her personal journey and from guest interviews, Tamara has created a guide with staying power on any bookshelf.” – Colin Boyd, Afuera Vida & Rewilding Parenthood Podcast


Wildpreneurs is truly and wild and creative journey for all business and lifestyle entrepreneurs!  You'll find passion, inspiration and techniques as she uses her kayaking journey to incubate hers (and your!) business plans -- and the Mexican land and sea is truly a supportive business partner as Tailwind Lodge takes shape.  I love how Tamara thinks holistically in this book, from the usual business start-up and implementation advice to including tactics for self-care, work relations with others, biomimicry and even dating while growing a business!  You'll feel a sense of "tribe" by the time you finish, as Tamara skillfully weaves a tapestry of advice from other Wildpreneurs who've already taken the plunge and provides their contact info, as well!  Jump in to Wildpreneurs, and start the adventure of growing your life and business today!” —Beverly Winterscheid, Ph.D., Founding Partner of Center for Nature & Leadership

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