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Reflections on 12 Years of Jungle Living

Crazy that it’s been over a decade since the Tailwind Jungle Lodge opened its doors in 2007. The launch of this new website has inspired many thoughts and reflections from the jungle family…

El Tigre—“Do we or don’t we?”

unique opportunity presented itself to us in 2004. A beautiful piece of paradise on the Mexican Pacific. De we sacrifice a secure retirement in favor of adventurous life in the unknown? We discussed it for a nano second. It was a no brainer…we do!

That was the beginning of the Tailwind Jungle Lodge. Hard work, lots of highs and lows, and a real sense of accomplishment have come together to make Tailwind what it is today. Is it perfect? No. Do people appreciate it for what it offers? Yes. I have witnessed all kinds of different people visit from all over the world, on all different socio-economic rungs of the ladder. Most of them leave with a profound sense of inner peace and tranquility.

The whole jungle experience has also given me the gift of time and silence—2 things which are often over-looked in today’s world. I also love the radiant smiles from guests who’ve spent time with us.

Jungle Judi—“Jungle Love”

Over our 12 years in business, the Tailwind Jungle Lodge has become a tremendous part of my life. Offering our guests a place to reconnect with nature is an important theme in this modern world. A personal favorite for me is joining my guests on the yoga platform to experience how retreat leaders integrate the jungle into their teachings. I have often been moved to tears amidst the giant palms.

The gratitude our guests have voiced to me for over-seeing this natural place reaffirms our original mission—to showcase, celebrate and share the jungle with all people and to raise a consciousness of love towards our beloved Mother Earth.

Jungle Girl – “Chasing Inspiration”

It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come in 12 years. We’re masters of artful mistake making! Every experience has made us stronger and offered stepping stones towards creating the magical place that the Tailwind Jungle Lodge has become and turning a family dream into reality. The challenge of our journey together has been part of the richness of the experience. Through persistence, grit, patience and adaptation, we’re thriving as we reach our summit…or perhaps we will never reach the summit as we continue to chase our passion and inspiration?

Here’s an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Wildpreneurs (Chapter 11: Chasing Inspiration):

“We are all works in progress, always striving to improve—our work, ourselves, and beyond—in our own unique ways, at our own pace. We don’t perceive life as a race to the top, in fact, Wildpreneurs will never reach the summit of our adventures because our visions continue to grow grander and higher—fueled by inspiration, love, and appreciation of life. The beauty is in our journey—the people, the places, the lessons, and experiences—not only the destination. We believe in the power of one but strive to grow together.”

Curious to know more about the creation of the Tailwind Jungle Lodge and our family jungle adventures?


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