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Meet our inspiring new manager!

We are grateful the winds of change of 2021 brought Brian Matzke to be part of our team. He brings fresh inspiration and excitement to the Tailwind Jungle family. Some of the hats he wore before coming to us were Firefighter, Yoga Teacher, Craniosacral Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, US Navy Corpsman, Horse Whisperer and Marriage Officiant just to name a few. Now he has put on the Tailwind hat as our Tailwind Jungle Lodge Manager. Read more about his background at

Some of the things that light Brian up are having so many different nearby beaches. A favorite morning activity for Brian is walking our jungle road to the beach to practice Yoga then jumping in the water and finishing with a hearted thumping jog back up to the lodge. Brian has found a beautiful connection also with the local community in San Pancho and he enjoys practicing Capoeiria at La Bodega regularly. He loves taking slow strolls around the cobble stone streets while seeing so many friendly familiar faces. Brian says one of his especially favorite places in San Pancho is Plaza Del Sol where the weekly farmers market is held, not just because of the beautiful market but on most afternoons it's a quiet shady place amongst the trees surrounded by the music of the birds.

Brian and Tamara became friends years ago as she was traveling north and happened to stay in his airbnb. Many years later Brian found his way down to San Pancho to experience the magic that Tamara had spoken of such an long time prior. Once he was here in Mexico It didn't take long for him to feel the magic himself so he made a quick turn around back home to pack up his things and grab his big puppy and hit the road back to Mexico. Brian took the beautiful route down Baja Mexico ( which he highly recommends!) and settled in San Pancho. It also didn't take long before Brian started surfing and he loves it! Although still a beginner he finds joy in just being in the ocean even if he only catches one or two waves.

One of the many things Brian is excited about is guiding Kayak tours and Sailing Adventures with the rest of our Jungle family.

Brian loves walking the jungle trails and catching sunsets most evenings from our favorite mud beach. When you cross paths with him during your visit he will have a big loving smile and be accompanied by his Co Manager Feliz the Great Dane who has an even bigger smile.

Welcome to the jungle family Brian!


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